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heeey. Jan. 29th, 2006 @ 10:25 pm
I was just wondering... Is anyone here going to Karen's last live? Or the ones before?

member comments Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 12:33 am
My Japanese is crap :O So forgive me! But someone asked for the translations of the member comments from the UC news page so I did my best. Special thanks to safety_razor!

Translation:Collapse )

I think the thing they were all trying to stress is that it wasn't just one member that wanted this to happen...

If you wanted to duplicate that for some reason, credit me ok o_0
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Members' comments Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 11:57 am
Hi everyone.
As you all know, Karen will disband on February. I'm still very sad about it.
Anyway, i've just seen Karen's members wrote comments on their news page. However, i'm not skilled enough to understand what they are exactly talking about. I don't think they really give the reason for their disbanding but i'd really like to know what they're saying.

So here is my request: would someone be kind enough to translate their comments? I'd be really grateful and i think it can interest other Karen fans as well.
Thanks in advance.
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December 2005 Cure Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 08:38 pm
Hello, all (・ω・)ノ I just heard Karen recently...got the PV for Dusty Mirror and love it ^^

Anyway, as my December Cure just came (jpophouse is just a liiittle late), I just got to translating all the random interview-type questions on all the Under Code band members ^^ I thought someone might like to read the ones from the Karen members, so here they are~ Scans of the original pages are up at Public Eyes

NaoCollapse )

ErizeCollapse )

SetsukiCollapse )

TakayaCollapse )

ShunnaCollapse )

If anyone would like to post these translations anywhere, just link back to sakayume88 and drop me a line ^^ If you would like the original Japanese all typed up also, leave a comment~

I am so going to name my kid Wentz XD
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sad news Dec. 7th, 2005 @ 05:00 pm
Karen is going to disband on February 2006. This news was annouced on their concert from December 7.
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Other entries
» Does anyone have SHOCK JAM CD Edition.4?
Hello! Sorry to intrude; this is my "global plea" to the J-rock community. (Please let me know if this isn't allowed, and I'll remove it.)

I maintain a fansite for Kalimero (here), but I'm missing lyrics to their song, "Trip." I know this song appears on the omnibus SHOCK JAM CD Edition.4, so I was wondering if anybody who owns that CD (it's got songs from Clavier, Joker, Kalen, and AnCafe) would be so kind as to scan the lyrics from the booklet for me, if there are any. I would greatly appreciate it! (And I will credit you, of course.)

Thank you!!

[Crossposted to _clavier, willing, and an_cafe]
» New community. :B
Romanizing songs from every under code band, past and present. ^_^

It's just opened, so there's not much yet. Go join anyway! XD


By the way, has anyone got withering or brilliant? I've only just ordered mine, but I've heard withering. It's really good... but I have to say... as much as I like the instrumentals, I'm beginning to get a little tired of them. :(
» (No Subject)
Ok guys, I REALLY need your help~! m(__)m
I am planning on cosplaying err... one of the two guitarists(sad... I don't even know his name u.u;)
I only have one picture of the outfit I want to make, and its the one from the official site x.x
So if anyone has ANY pictures at all of him in THIS outfit, PLEASE post them~!
Thankyou m(__)m

» Piccies

Ahhhh la la la .... etooo... as I promised to xxxuta , here the piccies from kalen 「天真爛漫四月春時雨」 (I can't understand the name of that video, so much kanji for me^^U)

Etooo ...don't expect piccies with high quality or something ^^U, I took the pics with my digicam directly from my TV ^^U, so the pics are so bad ^^U

PICCIES ^0^/Collapse )

» ♥

NEWBIE ALEART~~ x33 I made this just now, for Kalen/Karen lovers~! ^o^
Does any one have any things of Kalen~? ^o^ I have like, one PV, and one live from HIGH something. o_o;

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